Happy Birthday Invitation Letter In Hindi For Friends With Images

You’re throwing a birthday party and want to have the perfect invitations. People would tend to celebrate time not because of the party and gifts that they might receive but the happiness and gratefulness that they might feel. The invitation is what sets the tone for the entire event and can really get your guests excited for the celebration. Here check out some invitation letter cards for friends in Hindi language.

Happy Birthday Invitation Letter

Join us for music, fun great food to eat. You’re invited for some birthday fun. This is a party you just can’t skip.

It’s my birthday and the time to have tons of fun and delight! Do join in the festivities and enjoy the happy times together!

Happy Birthday Invitation Letter In Hindi

Happy Birthday Invitation Letter In Hindi

The awesome birthday party you throw every year makes it totally worth being your friend and tolerating your annoying habits. Thanks for the treat.

Birthday celebrations are all about spending time with special people in your life. I am glad that I am one of the special few in your life. Thanks for your birthday party.

Raise your glass and lend a cheer, My birthday is almost here. To have a guest like you would be a wonderful delight sp please join us on this magical night.

Birthday Invitation Letter In Hindi

Birthday Invitation Letter In Hindi

It’s time to cheer when friends are near to lift up a toast for me come and join me in my birthday party.

I don’t mind if you change as a person as the years go by, but never change the guest list for your future birthday parties. Thanks for such a lavish treat.

There are no sorrys and thank yous in friendship but you deserve a big thank you for throwing such a fantastic party. Thanks.

Free meal, free drinks and free cake – what’s not to like about your party? Thanks for the treat buddy.

I am down with a severe stomach ache because I overate last night – blame it on the food being so good. Thanks for such a lavish treat.